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Our workshops and classes will have content that will center the histories, goals, needs, values, languages, and perspectives of the respective ancestral plant traditions discussed while still respecting and valuing others plant traditions.  Also, we believe individuals and groups are the primary authorities on their own experiences. We are not teaching all of the herbal practices and ceremonies mentioned as experts, as we are in no position to do so. We are just studying traditions in community.

By joining a bibi & ni class or workshop, you agree to engaging respectfully across our differences in identities, opinions, and experiences across class, race, religion/spirituality, age, ability, gender, sex, sexual identity, and more

If you are registering for Jewish Herbalism Class or Workshop:
I understand that this space may include Jews who are Black, Indigenous, Jews of Color, white, white-passing, Mizrahi, Ashkenazi, Sefardi, Disabled, able-bodied, trans, cis, queer, straight, Jews by choice, Orthodox, secular, reform, conservative, renewal, Zionist, non-Zionist & anti-Zionist and more. By joining the class or workshop you agree to engaging respectfully across differences in identities, opinions, and experiences.

No Promotions or Spam: Our offerings are shared spaces for group learning, not spaces for unsolicited advice, self-promoting, or networking. Please engage with a spirit of reciprocity.

Respect Everyone's Privacy: Being part of bibi and ni’s programs requires respect and mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions in classes, workshops, and groups may also include sensitive and private content. What's shared in these containers must stay within them.

Cancellation Policy: No refund for cancelling workshops, classes, or other bookings. If you need to reschedule or would like to apply your purchase toward a future offering, please contact us.

Those who do not abide by or respect the community guidelines will be asked to leave the space or have their services cancelled with no expectation of refund, and will not be allowed to participate in any future services or gatherings hosted by bibi and ni LLC unless otherwise indicated by the owners of the business. A notification explaining how one has violated our community guidelines will be sent via email to the offender.

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