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Book a Consultation

to discuss your wellness goals & how you want to bring

ancestral herbal care into your life.

We serve all clients virtually; and serve in-person in the Greater Boston area including:
Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Malden, Medford, Somerville, Quincy, Milton, Braintree, and Brockton.

Do you want to learn about the healing remedies, traditional foods, herbal balms, or incense practices of your ancestors?  Are you curious about plant rituals from your culture for supporting people during a transition or a period of grieving? Are you interested in stories, songs and poems from your culture about a specific plant? Maybe you have experienced an injury or other type of physical pain and you want to learn about ancestral perspectives and beliefs about healing from your own culture. In order to help us understand your specific needs, we first ask you to answer a few questions in writing. We study your report, then research and collect sources to present to you, and we arrange a meeting on zoom. During our meeting, we will guide you through the presentation we have created for you and questions that arise. 


Please note that while we offer this service for anyone of any background, and will do our best to perform deep research and do our best to learn about your specific ancestral plant practices, we are most knowledgeable in our own respective ancestral plant traditions. As of now, this represents Jewish and Mediterranean plant traditions, African American and Antillean plant traditions, as well as Taíno & Kalìnago plant traditions.

photo of papaya with removed background
photo of dried rose buds with removed background
photo of arrowroot tubers with removed background
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