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Philosophy & Practice

In the Taíno language of Boriken, the word "bi" carries two meanings: beginning and life.

The word "bibi" means mother.

"Ni" means water.

Water is life, the first medicine—it connects us—bearing gifts of nourishment, community, ritual, & healing.

Atabey is the Great Mother of the natural world to the Taíno people.

She not only carries the Earth Spirit, but also the Spirit of all horizontal water, lakes, streams, and the sea.

Atabey is a deity of fertility. She is to whom we owe our sustenance and nourishment.

Taíno women have prayed to Atabey for generations to ensure a safe childbirth.

indigenous taino birth bibi and ni llc boston

We believe in healing through natural, preventative, ancestral, and ceremonial holistic care.

The basis of health is balance, which is also to say, the basis of health is living in right relationship.

The development of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual illnesses stems from imbalance in the body. 

Medicines help us to keep ourselves in balance. 

Many of our ancestral traditional medicine systems, which call upon all kingdoms of life as tools of healing,

support people in living in right relationship with ourselves & the Earth.

Plants, animals, fungi, minerals, rocks - all contain their own distinct healing powers.

Connection with the Earth and our ancestral healing traditions is our birthright.

How can we start to live in right relationship to the Earth on Turtle Island?


Fighting for Indigenous Land Sovereignty & Black Liberation


Decolonizing our relationships with ourselves, others, and the land


Returning to our roots, as our ancestral plant traditions have much to teach us about cyclical living

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