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"Flowers are a beloved part of the natural world. Like the bees and trees, they are our relatives, and the longstanding relationship between humans and flowers is well-documented.Across many cultures, flowers are prized for their beauty, for their delicious fragrances, for their mood-lifting qualities and for their healing powers. Flowers teach us to be hopeful. After winter must come spring, and flowers bear the promise of fruit to come."

- Naomi Spector, The Jewish Book of Flowers


This Jewish flower deck accompanies The Jewish Book of Flowers. Each deck contains 20 cards, each dedicated to a different flower, and features the illustration of the flower from the book, names the flower in different Jewish languages, and provides a few highlights from the book about the flower’s role in Jewish healing, history and/or literature. Review the cards as you garden, forage, or work with flowers in other ways to deepen your knowledge of Jewish herbalism. 




Tall 70x120mm (2.76 x 4.72 in)

Glossy print, double-sided

16pt paper weight

Jewish Flower Card Deck

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