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to discuss culturally-relevant food garden designs,
native pollinator garden designs, or herb garden designs for urban living.

We provide these services in the Greater Boston area including:
Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Malden, Medford, Somerville, Quincy, Milton, Braintree, and Brockton.

We offer small-scale urban garden design and installation with a focus on local working class residents, grassroots projects, and local community organizations. While we can work with you, your team, and your resources to build a garden that best fits your needs, bibi and ni has a focus on creating culturally-relevant food gardens, Northeast native pollinator gardens, and healing herb gardens. We also also create gardens that connect to our birthkeeping services, including a womb wellness herb garden,
a postpartum healing herb garden, and a PAIL memory garden - learn more here.

From windowsills to the back steps to the backyard -

we aim to make urban gardening accessible for our local working class community.



Culturally-relevant food gardens connect people to their roots by growing and connecting to plants from their homelands while living in the diaspora - from collards to raspberries to tomatoes to okra. They also serve as educational spaces, teaching valuable skills like gardening and cooking, while promoting sustainable living practices.


Additionally, they provide fresh and healthy produce, in whatever yield, helping to improve the overall nutrition in local communities.

We primarily source our seeds for these gardens from Truelove Seeds, Alliance of Native Seedkeepers - Heirloom Seeds & Heritage, and Johnny's Selected Seeds.



Native pollinator gardens provide essential habitats and nutrients for native pollinators like bees, butterflies, and birds, supporting the health of our local ecosystem as well as enhancing crop yields in nearby urban farms and gardens, ensuring a stable food supply.


In addition to improving air quality, they serve as educational resources, teaching people about the importance of local pollinators and centering sustainable gardening practices.

We primarily source our seeds for these gardens from American Meadows and Johnny's Selected Seeds.



Healing herb gardens offer residents convenient access to medicinal plants that can be used for various health purposes, including stress relief, relaxation, and natural remedies for common ailments including aches and digestive challenges.


By cultivating and utilizing these herbs, individuals can enhance their well-being and reduce reliance on pharmaceuticals.

Read more here about gardens related to birthkeeping.

We primarily source our seeds for these gardens from Alliance of Native Seedkeepers - Heirloom Seeds & Heritage and Johnny's Selected Seeds.

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